Wine Tastings

Enjoy a seat in our rustic tasting room while overlooking the rolling hills and lush vineyards which created our beautiful wines.

Our Wines

2019 Petit Verdot

After being aged in French Oak for 20 months, our single varietal Petit Verdot offers a deep purple color with intensely bold, fruity-yet-floral flavors. Delicate fragrances of lilac and sage on the nose accompanied by a palette of black cherry and candied violets. Our Petit Verdot offers dense flavors and pleasing floral aromas.

2021 Sauvignon Blanc

Estate grown using French clones 548 and 472. Beginning with a straw color and unmistakable nose of fresh cut grass followed by a complex bouquet of gooseberry, acacia honey, and grapefruit with a bright and acidic layered mineral finish

2021 Chardonnay

Estate grown using French clones 548 and 472. These clones are grown on soil which is sandy loam, with a touch of clay interspersed throughout. The clones were chosen for their elegance, balance, and ability to retain their acidity when grown at Stone Ashe Vineyards. The clone lends itself of the Chablis style of winemaking, with white meadow flowers leading off the nose - apple, honeydew, melon, and pear throughout the profile, and a dry lean mineral finish.

2021 Riesling

Estate grown with French clones 49 and 239. Grown on steep, granite slopes at Stone Ashe Vineyards, which is consistent with the Alsace region of France from where these clones originate. An apple blossom and floral bouquet guides the nose, leading to a citrus driven mid-palate and light mineral dusting and stone fruit finish. The winemaker used a unique French process called 'cold stop fermentation', which brings only natural sugars into this lightly sweetened wine from the grapes themselves (no added sugar).

2021 Cabernet Franc Rosé

Estate grown, using French clones 214, 327, and 623. The winemaker chose to make use of the traditional method of leaving juice on the skin (maceration) for a few hours, then pressed off to let fermentation begin. The process extracts a light salmon color and bone-dry Provence style wine. Balanced, refreshing, and crisp, this wine carries flavors of strawberry and raspberry with a floral charm. 12.2%

2019 Coppedge Hill

Left Bank style Bordeaux blend. Full bodied, red-purplish in color, aged in French Oak for 15 months and 7 months in bottle. Predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Petit Verdot. This tightly structured wine has notes of dark blackberry, currants, and cassis evolving into tobacco, leather, and mocha.

2019 Davenport

Right Bank style Bordeaux blend. Youthful and lively with dark cherry, blueberry, and plum, with silky, soft tannins. This distinctive character is derived from the blending of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Aged 15 month in French Oak and 7 months in bottle.

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Large Party

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1.5 hours

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Small Party

Great for small groups who want a guided tour through our wines.

1 hour

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