Wines at the intersection of elegance, complexity, and finesse

Stone Ashe property and estate is 21 and older

Reservations required for parties of 4+

Upcoming Events: All seating first come first serve. May 15, Derrick Pace 2-5 pm  

Hours: Thursday/Sunday/Monday 12pm-6pm, Friday/Saturday 11am-6pm

Vineyard & Winery In Hendersonville, NC

We specialize in Bordeaux based grape varieties and as such sourced our grapevines from various regions in France with similar environmental and climatic conditions found at our mountain vineyard. Our grounds, vineyard, barn, tasting facilities, and brand logo celebrate the land. We are continually advocating for environmental responsibility both in our viticulture practices and overall approach to winemaking.

Stone Ashe's Winery on a hill
A wine glass full of wine corks with the Stone Ashe logo on them

North Carolina terroir

The correct vineyard site has a union of environment, climate, soil, rainfall and temperature to form a symbiotic relationship. The Stone Ashe site was discovered on a granite, rocky, steep slope mountainside that was described as 'unsuitable for agricultural development' in western North Carolina. The grapevines respond to changes in elevation, slope, sun exposure, and weather patterns. These attributes persist into the fruit, yielding a balanced crop to produce layered and dense flavor profiles. This granite, rocky slope is the basis that forms the name: Stone Ashe Vineyards. The soil series is Ashe and coupled with the steep slope is “stony ashe" soil.

Situated amidst the mountainous North Carolina landscape, our rustic tasting room provides the consummate setting to host a private event or try through our estate grown vintages.